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Because Health is your legal birth right 

About Ital Naturopathic Wellbeing & Olivier

Olivier is a qualified Naturopath who completed his Bachelor in Health Science major in Naturopathy at the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Melbourne learning from Naturopath, herbalist, Nutritionist, Professors, Doctors and public health academics who practice and advocate Functional Integrative medicine.

Olivier's interest in Complementary medicine started after the birth of his first daughter who has Atopic dermatitis commonly known as Eczema and for his own personal and family wellbeing. His interest kept growing throughout his studies and supervised clinical practice which turned into a passion. 

His main area of Interest is Immune, Gastrointestinal, skin health, auto-immune disease, chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety, stress and Chronic fatigue, Paediatric growth and wellbeing, reproductive health, Weight loss and sport nutrition. 

The term "Ital" is derived from the creole language which stands for Vital. In Naturopathy vitalism is essential to maintain optimal health. Healthy food options and choices, a positive mind and spirit, core values and principles, contact and interaction with the world around us primarily the environment, fresh air, clean water, exposure to sunlight and  contact with nature is part of global vitalism, it is the natural way of life.

His philosophy is " Health is everyone's birth legal right " as everyone is born with the ability to heal thyself in the correct environment both internal and external.

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